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Wolffia recipe ideas - Easy to make dishes for your everyday lifestyle

Superfood any of your favorite dishes with flo!

Full of key vitamins, minerals, polyphenols and antioxidants, flo Wolffia is definitely the magic ingredient that can superfood any of your favorite recipes.

With mild taste and no bitterness, Wolffia has versatile applications ranging from pasta, soup, salad, sushi, smoothie, to bakery. No washing, no chopping, no peeling. Simply scoop and add flo Wolffia on top of any dishes. So quick and so easy.

We compile here easy-to-make recipe ideas for you to try at home including egg menu, drinks, Thai recipes, Western recipes, Asian (Korean/Japanese), bakery or even quick & easy meals from food stalls or convenience stores. Let's have a look together!

Egg menu with Wolffia

Wolffia Omelet

First menu that comes to mind for beginners is usually egg menu. Wolffia goes so well with egg. Simply add 1-2 spoons of Wolffia per 1 egg in any of your egg dishes to start. Once you become a veteran, you can even increase the amount of Wolffia.

ไข่เจียวใส่วูฟเฟีย photo credit: veget_asian

Some customers have sent us various egg menus. Let us highlight Tania's rolled egg & egg wrap as it exemplifies an easy way to twist egg menus to be even more interesting.

photo credit: Tania

For those craving some spicy touch, you can put thick Wolffia Omelet into Thai Sour Curry (Gaeng Som). Alternatively, thick Wolffia Omelet goes well with Thai spicy dips too.

photo credit: Broccoli Revolution

Another egg menu especially well-loved with kids is scotch egg. It is easy to hide the green inside and the taste is so mild, your child won't know there is veggie coming along. Wolffia offers iron, calcium, zinc, omega 3,6, antioxidants & fiber, highly suitable for kids.

photo credit: Teerapong

Wolffia Shakes & Drinks

Wolffia can be added to various types of drinks - juices, shakes or smoothies.

In this video, you can find Wolffia blended with guava plus a little bit of brown sugar- another simple and refreshing easy-to-drink recipe.

Wolffia & guava drink

Wolffia and coconut juice also go exceptionally well together. Not too much hassle in term of ingredients. You can add tons of Wolffia in this recipe without feeling too "green".

"Wolffia & Coconut Drink" credit: Phuttiya Healthy Home

Next up is a recipe for rich and creamy smoothie:

1/4-1/2 cup of Wolffia & 1 banana & 1/2 avocado with 1 cup of milk & brown sugar

This is sure to be everyone's favorite.

Wolffia Avodado Banana Shake; credit: Baby Bib Cafe

Another submission from K. Tania:

1/2 cup of Wolffia with Indian mulberries (ripe) & 1 banana & 1 orange & Bengal currants

photo credit: Tania

Wolffia, in general, can be added to any combo of your favorite smoothies without changing the original taste too much. We (and our partners) have tried so many recipes and found most to be very easy to drink. The amount can be adjusted as per your taste.

Smoothie recipes - examples from Pukpun healthy drink photo credit: @Pukpunbkk

Thai dishes with Wolffia - curry, spicy salad, dips & more

Wolffia spicy salad - served with fried shallots and spicy sauce from Phuttiya Healthy Home

Wolffia and spicy Thai food is definitely one of the best combinations as its richness help tone down the heat while adding interesting texture and umami taste. As recipes for traditional Thai dishes vary widely, we recommend you add 2-8 spoons of Wolffia to your usual favorite recipes and adjust as per your liking.

Here is a video clip of Sea Bass topped with Wolffia Panang curry sauce :

We also have detailed recipe for Wolffia Nam Prik Ong with Wolffia Wrap (Click here).

"Wolffia Nam Prik Ong with Wolffia Wrap" photo credit: Jamie Raftery

Glass noodle spicy salad with Wolffia is also easy and fun to make and eat.

For curry, Wolffia fits in well with all - Red curry, Green Curry, Panang Curry, Sour Curry.

"Amazon forest curry with Wolffia" photo credit: Phuttiya Healthy Home

And of course, we cannot miss rice dishes and noodle dishes which are so easy to make with Wolffia inside the wok or Wolffia simply on the top.

Wolffia fried rice with smoked duck breast

Western style recipes - yoghurt, smoothie bowl, salad, pizza, pasta and all the dips you can think of

photo credit: @vegancuisineth

Although Wolffia has long been established in the traditional Thai recipes, we found that adapting Wolffia to Western recipes is highly fascinating and the result is mostly scrumptious. Now that flo Wolffia allows fresh (raw) consumption with our ready-to-eat salad standard, we have opened up a new avenues for chefs and home-cooks alike.

Easy morning snacks can be boosted with superfood-level nutrients by simply adding Wolffia to your yoghurt, smoothie bowl, shake, or topping up your toast or adding in dips.

Thank you khun Rapi for sharing breakfast DIY Wolffia menus with us

As you can guess, another easy way to enjoy Wolffia is to scoop it into your salad or mix it in salad dressing or pesto before serving with salad. Yum!

photo credit: Porrie's & Tonklar Facai

For smoothie bowl fans, we have a detailed recipe here for Wolffia smoothie bowl with banana, mango and coconut from chef Jamie Raftery (click here).

photo credit: @theholisticchef

More drool-worthy smoothie bowl photos showing various ways you can play with Wolffia.

Wolffia Breakfast Bowl / Wolffia Smoothie Bowl photos from Khun Dao & Tonklar Facai

When added a substantial amount in pizza pasta or dippings, Wolffia can taste a bit like spinach but with no bitterness and is much easier to chew.

Thank you K. Rapi & K. Tania & our flo customers for sharing homemade meals with us

Wolffia as a Tobiko substitute for a Korean/Japanese dish

photo credit: อุตสาหกรรมสาร กรมส่งเสริมอุตสาหกรรม

When seeing Wolffia for the first time, many equate it to tobiko (flying fish roes) due to its small size. And yes, it can be a vegan version of tobiko in sushi and kimbab with confidence now that flo Wolffia can offer this tiny plant that meets ready-to-eat salad quality (Wolffia from other sources is recommended to be heated prior to consumption).

With Japanese & Korean rolls and rice balls, simply use Wolffia as a tobiko and voila!

Example bakery recipes for the sweet tooths

Though it looks so green, you may have a doubt in putting this tiny vegetable in your bakery, believe me when I say you will be pleasantly surprised by the result once you try. Wolffia contributes moisture and richness to the bakery, plus you will get a slight matcha-like scent in your bakery too, making it even more enticing.

We have gathered some bakery recipes in fine details such as Wolffia vegan cheesecake by chef Jamie and Wolffia multigrain bread by chef Pae. Chef Pae also gives us a tip that for vegan brownie, 30% of the brownie can be consisted of Wolffia which will boost the nutrition plus add some extra moisture, making it silky and smooth.

For moms out there, adding Wolffia to the bakery is one way to ensure your kids get a decent amount of vegetable without the usual fuss. Our top voted moms' bakery recipes for kids are Waffle, Pancake and Castela. We provide short recipes for the latter two.

photo credit: @teerapong & @chompoonik

Quick and easy DIY Wolffia meals anywhere on the go

Apart from fitting perfectly in your breakfast, light meals, drinks and bakery, Wolffia holds another key secret that will aid your on-the-go lifestyle. As it is so easy as "scoop & top" on any dishes, we find that you can nutritionally boost your quick meals from food stalls and convenience stores with Wolffia and level up your daily veggie intake despite your busy working schedule.

We have tried most of the top quick meal contenders - Kra prao with rice, Pad Thai, Pad See Eew, noodle with fish balls, rice vermicelli with green curry, Satay pork, roasted duck with rice, chicken with saffron rice, boxed salad, you name it. As you can see, it all works out really well and helps make you less guilty about grabbing a quick meal on the go.

photo credit: Thank you our kind customers for sharing your DIY menus with us via FB inbox

I hope we have convinced you that Wolffia is highly versatile - it can be added to quick meals, cooked with more fancy dishes both Asian & Western style and even work very well in various bakery recipes. Now that you have seen all the ideas, perhaps you will be inspired to boost your dishes with this amazing superfood on the daily basis and reap the health benefits it confer. Don't forget to share Wolffia recipe ideas with your family and love ones and get healthier together!


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