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Unrivaled quality, safety & cleanliness: the reasons to choose our nutrient-packed flo Wolffia

flo Wolffia delivers exceptionally high nutritional content compared to average Wolffia, as we meticulously cultivate our premium quality flo Wolffia with rigorous quality control every step of the way.

Naturally safe : flo Wolffia is selected from natural strains. No GMOs.

Contaminant-free : no pesticides/herbicides used. Routine lab analysis to maintain water quality.

Consistent quality : cultivated using Smart Farming

Fresh. Clean. Ready-to-eat. : washed and packaged in standardized processing facilities

Apart from providing higher nutritional content than Wolffia from other sources, flo Wolffia also ensures that the nutritional level is consistent. You can be certain that your body will fully enjoy the myriads of health benefits our premium quality flo Wolffia confers. Taking care of yourself and your love ones will be easy once you are ready to “flo” all your favorite menus.

*flo Wolffia utilizes smart farming technology for cultivation condition optimization and product analyses.

Naturally selected : High protein & high yield strains selected from natural sources. No GM.

Our research team analyzed a vast number of strains from natural sources. We then select ones with high protein & high productivity so that we can take care of your health as well as the planet’s. No genetic modification (GM) is involved so you can enjoy flo Wolffia with a peace of mind.

Contaminant-free: No pesticides/herbicides used. Routine lab analysis to maintain water quality.

No pesticides or herbicides are used at any step of the cultivation process and water quality is routinely analyzed so to ensure that our end product will be contamination-free.

Consistent quality : Cultivated using Smart Farming

flo Wolffia offers consistently high nutritional value, higher than average Wolffia, as flo is cultivated using Smart Farming, which tracks and traces every step of the process.

*flo Wolffia’s Smart Farming technologies utilize intelligent sensors to monitor water temperature, ambient temperature, moisture, and light intensity and ensure that the levels fall within the optimal range for flo Wolffia’s growth. Further technologies are also used quality control such that at the end, flo Wolffia contains consistently high nutritional content and no contamination.  

Fresh & Clean & Ready-to-eat : Washed and packaged in standardized processing facilities

 flo Wolffia offers premium quality you can trust. Our washing and packaging steps are subjected to meticulous quality control and performed in standardized processing facility. Thus, our flo Wolffia reaches ready-to-eat salad standard, meaning you can simply scoop right out of the box and enjoy flo Wolffia with utmost convenience.

With lots of love and care during cultivation, flo Wolffia becomes a premium Wolffia brand with a reliably high nutritional content while offering freshness & cleanliness you can trust. Ready to try our ready-to-eat fresh flo Wolffia? Contact us via these following channels.

Line Official Account: @flowolffia

Facebook Fanpage: flo Wolffia #lifeflowswithflo


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