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Smart Farming : Secrets behind flo's high nutritional content and premium quality

Learn about our secrets behind the ways we cultivate flo Wolffia which lead to the high nutritional content and premium quality you can trust!

Our proprietary cultivation technologies not only enable us to provide exceptionally high growth rate and high nutritional contents but also ensure consistent and premium quality products. Using Smart farming to manage multiple aspects of flo Wolffia cultivation, we can proudly guarantee that flo Wolffia on your plate will be nutritious, safe and sustainable.

Getting to know Smart Farming : The technology behind efficient cultivation of flo Wolffia

Our research team at flo Wolffia has worked very hard on the following aspects:

  • Strain selection - yielding the highest nutritional content

  • Light control system - optimal lighting for Wolffia’s photosynthesis and growth

  • Intelligent water management system - routine laboratory analysis for quality control of water

  • Smart farming technology - rigorous quality control during all processes to ensure cleanliness & safety

Apart from high and consistent nutritional content, flo Wolffia offers freshness and cleanliness with our standardized washing and packaging processes. Reaching ready-to-eat salad standard, you can simply open the lid and scoop, making a healthy lifestyle so easy for you and your family.

Strain selection by our research team : Strains yielding the highest nutritional content are selected

More than 30 strains of Wolffia from Thailand's natural sources were screened so we can select the strains with highest growth rate and highest protein content. No genetic modification (GM) is involved in the process. With selected strains, our cultivation technology can further enhance the nutritional profile such that we can provide you with superfood-level nutrition and premium quality "flo Wolffia".

Light control system : Optimal lighting for Wolffia’s photosynthesis and growth

Our best strains are cultivated in a semi-closed greenhouse installed with a light control system which constantly monitor the amount of light. We adjust the system so that our flo Wolffia consistently receives optimal lighting for photosynthesis and growth to achieve maximal growth rate and nutritional content.

Intelligent water management system : Routine laboratory analysis for quality control of water

Our greenhouses are installed with Intelligent water management system which cycles back clean filtered water for reuse. We diligently performed a routine laboratory analysis for quality control of water. We also efficiently use our fertilizers, adding only the amount we know our flo Wolffia needs, thus making sure there is a minimal surplus. With such careful management, you can be sure that our flo Wolffia is safe, contaminant-free, and yielding consistent and optimal nutritional content.

Smart Farming Technology : Rigorous quality control during all processes to ensure cleanliness & safety

Safety standard is one of our top priorities. flo Wolffia is cultivated in semi-closed greenhouses equipped intelligent sensors and IoT system. This way we can accurately measure and adjust conditions to be optimal for growth and nutrition as well as reducing human interventions and ensuring no contamination. With this high standard, we can deliver our premium quality flo Wolffia to you with full confidence.

flo Wolffia is indeed cultivated with a lot of love and care so to ensure that our premium quality Wolffia can reach you fresh & clean at the highest standard we can offer and that you can fully trust. Therefore, with every scoop, this superfood will nourish your body and nurture the planet, giving you a peace of mind in every meal.

Interested? Contact us via these following channels.

Line Official Account: @flowolffia

Facebook Fanpage: flo Wolffia #lifeflowswithflo


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