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4 ways flo's sustainable cultivation can help our planet

flo Wolffia cares about your health and the planet’s too. With our sustainable cultivation, flo Wolffia minimizes impacts on the environment.

4 ways which flo Wolffia's sustainable cultivation can help save our planet:

• Less land use: small & fast-growing, flo Wolffia efficiently yields high nutrition per area

• Less pollution: absorb 2x CO2 compared to a forest of the same area

• Less waste: can be eaten whole with no parts to trim off

• Less energy use: use minimal energy & resources for cultivation

flo Wolffia – using less for a more sustainable planet while offering high nutritional content as well as premium quality you can trust through standardized cultivation & processing.

Growing flo Wolffia = Less land use

Small and fast-growing, flo Wolffia efficiently yields high nutrition per area.

Every 42-72 hours, flo Wolffia doubles its mass, making it one of the world’s fastest growing plant! With our proprietary technology, we can efficiently grow flo Wolffia such that our Wolffia yields high protein and other nutrients while using minimal land for cultivation.

Growing flo Wolffia = Less pollution

Fascinatingly, flo Wolffia cultivation can absorb 2x CO2 compared to a forest with the same area.

With Smart Farming System, our flo Wolffia can grow even faster than average, contributing to high CO2 absorption. Our research team has measured and found that our cultivation results in CO2 absorption rivaling healthy forest. Thus, cultivating this tiny plant in a large scale can really make a big impact on the world’s climate.

Growing flo Wolffia = Less waste

flo Wolffia can be eaten whole with no parts to trim off, letting you eat this amazing vegetable in the most wholesome way possible. One tiny dot is one whole plant, and while its size is tiny, flo Wolffia is packed with giant nutrients. Having flo Wolffia with your meals thus means you can promote zero waste movement in a meaningful way that helps both the planet and your own health.

Growing flo Wolffia = Less energy use

flo uses minimal energy & resources for our Wolffia’s cultivation.

Our flo experts know best about Wolffia’s nature & needs, and thus, we can cultivate flo Wolffia using minimal energy & resources to optimize its growth conditions. We also circulate water for reuse to minimize water usage. As a result, the entire cultivation process is designed to minimize energy use and help create a big environmental impact for the world.

We love our planet as much as you do. So together, less revolutionize this superfood's cultivation as well as our way of consumption to make sure we hand over our planet a better place for the next generations!

Interested? Contact us via these following channels.

Line Official Account: @flowolffia

Facebook Fanpage: flo Wolffia #lifeflowswithflo


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