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About Us

Caring for the world starting from our plates

We believe that good food leads to better health. At flo, we are passionate about providing the world with the most promising superfood, while caring about the world's environment and global food security at the same time. 

We aim to get the freshest and most nutritious premium Wolffia into your meals and make our products a part of your daily greens consumption.

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Our Story

Inspired by Wolffia's highly efficient energy flow - from sunlight to nutrients, our research-focused team crafts 'flo' as a consumer brand to deliver Wolffia products that would better suit modern lifestyle.

Our startup Advanced Greenfarm began from the idea of our CEO/co-founder Asst. Prof. Metha Meetam, a plant nutrition specialist who recognizes an opportunity to promote the consumption of this amazing local superfood "Wolffia" to the local and global community. Using his expertise, he delved deeper into learning about Wolffia cultivation with the mission not only to cultivate the best Wolffia, but to cultivate it in the best possible way for the world.


Our research team has selected the best native Wolffia strain and worked tirelessly to develop precision aquaculture technology which helps to enrich Wolffia's nutritional content as well as to increase cultivation efficiency to minimize resources used and promote sustainability. Within 2 years, our advanced cultivation has resulted in 2x the amount of Calcium and over 5x increase in Iron and Zinc compared to normal Wolffia, and we are still improving.

We also performed routine and rigorous lab analysis to guarantee our Wolffia’s freshness and cleanliness from microbial and toxic contaminants. We have invested in large-scale cultivation facilities and food processing R&D to ensure that our industrial partners will find ample and stable supply of Wolffia in the form that best suits their needs, whether as fresh, frozen, paste, or dry powder. In the near future, we aim to get even better at recycling water used in the process & utilizing solar energy more within our facilities.


Enjoyed by the Thais in Traditional Northern and Northeastern recipes for centuries, Wolffia has become scarce and its consumption is on the decline due to concerns over its cleanliness and safety. It would be regrettable if Thailand's very own gem would be lost from our culinary scene, and later, be readopted as a foreign superfood when reaching its peak in the global trend. We hope that with Advanced Greenfarm's high standards, flo Wolffia will help usher Wolffia back to the limelight it deserves so it can be enjoyed in every home and on its way to become the global gateway food to sustainability.

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