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Meet flo Wolffia - a superfood boost that packs nutrition to your dishes

Eating enough vegetables to satisfy daily recommendation can be a hassle for some, especially your little picky eaters, your elders who have a hard time chewing, or even for those who are on the run all day and find it hard to eat enough veggies when eating out.

We are excited to introduce to you "flo Wolffia", the world's tiniest vegetable that we will make eating veggie feels easy. Simply scoop flo Wolffia into any of your dishes and voila, your meal is boosted with superfood-level nutrients that are packed in this tiny plant.

flo Wolffia is a nutrient-rich superfood that will help you increase your daily vegetable intake with ease. No washing. No chopping. No prepping. No bitterness. Versatile application. Easy to cook and consume in all kinds of recipes. A scoop into your salad or other dishes gives your meal a quick nutritional boost. flo Wolffia is cultivated in a semi-closed system with the cleanliness, safety, and quality you can trust.

flo wolffia wolffia globosa superfood duckweed

What is Wolffia?

Wolffia globosa (Phum / Khai-Nam) is the world’s tiniest flowering plant. It harbors superfood level nutrition with high protein, vitamins, minerals, fibers, polyphenols & antioxidants, while low in fat, carbohydrate & calories. Wolffia is the only group of plant (duckweed) with vitamin B12, making it a source of the highly-coveted natural plant-based vitamin B12. Wolffia offers 40% protein by dry weight with all essential amino acids and good BCAA ratio, and thus, becoming one of the forerunners for alternative protein.

photo credit: Left, @copyrightAdvanced GreenFarm. Right, @copyright W.P. Armstrong 2010

flo Wolffia: Eco-friendly & Sustainable

Wolffia is one of the fastest growing plants, which can double its mass in 48-72 hours. flo Wolffia's technology-based cultivation utilizes minimal water, land, and resources, while allowing this wonderful plant to be produced consistently year-round. flo Wolffia yields up to 10x more protein per area compared to soy & 100x than milk. flo Wolffia cultivation can capture more CO2 than a healthy forest of the same area*.

Combined with rich nutrition, Wolffia lends itself as the future food to help solve global food security. Wolffia has also been studied in microgravity as a candidate for food and oxygen production in future space exploration. As it can be eaten whole, Wolffia ushers zero waste movement. Choosing flo Wolffia will thus not only help sustain your body with superfood-level nutrition but also will help heal our planet.

*Our research’s team in-house measurement and calculation based on forest research papers


Why choose flo Wolffia?

flo Wolffia is cultivated in a semi-closed system with no GM & no pesticides/herbicides. Routine lab analysis is performed to ensure cleanliness and safety. Using our proprietary cultivation technology in addition to strain selection, our research team has enhanced flo Wolffia’s nutritional content such that our flo Wolffia offers much higher nutritional values than average Wolffia, especially for protein, vitamin B12, iron, calcium, and zinc.

1 cup of fresh flo Wolffia (150g) contains nutrients comparable to 3 plates of salad and comparable to the following vegetables and fruits (see infographic for details)

*comparison made to flo Wolffia, not average Wolffia

protein = 2 cups of Kale

fiber = 7 stalks of celery

vitamin B12 = 18 large eggs

vitamin A = 50 baby carrots

vitamin E = 13 large strawberries

iron = 10 cups of broccoli

calcium = 4.5 cups of spinach

zinc = 2 cups of green peas

phosphorus = 1 cup of soy milk

polyphenols = 1 1/3 cups of walnut

flo Wolffia offers complete protein & plant-based vitamin B12 for vegans

flo Wolffia is a good source of plant-based protein as it is a complete protein with all essential amino acids and good BCAA ratio. It also contains sulfur amino acids which can typically be found in meat more than plants. Wolffia is a lean protein low in fat, carb, and cal. While average Wolffia contains 25-35% protein per dry weight, flo Wolffia contains 40-48% protein and 28% fiber per dry weight. Wolffia provides omega 3,6, high iron, high calcium and high antioxidants such as lutein, zeaxanthin, beta-carotene. Strikingly, Wolffia is the only plant with natural vitamin B12 shown to be well-absorbed in humans.

flo Wolffia: The taste

flo Wolffia has a mild taste with sweet vegetable scent but no bitterness. The neutral flavor means you can add a lot without your dish being too bitter/green. Its natural amino acid profile happens to lend Umami taste to anything it's added into. It gives crunchy texture when added fresh and creates richness in texture when cooked.

Photo credit: @vegancuisineth by Chef Pae @npodok

flo Wolffia: Usage and recipes

Wolffia can be added fresh or cooked through heat. Applications range from juice, smoothie, pasta, soup, curry, dipping sauce, salad, omelet, fried rice, and bakery. It is highly amenable to both Asian and Western dishes. Wolffia gives a vibrant green color and a matcha-like smell with an umami taste, especially when added to bakery.

flo Wolffia: Storage

Fresh flo Wolffia should be refrigerated upon receipt. It can be stored for 10 days in the fridge. Our flo Wolffia is washed with our proprietary washing process and reaches ready-to-eat salad standard. No additional wash is required. If portioned into small cubes, Wolffia can be kept frozen for 10-12 months and use within the day of thawing.

"Wolffia Smoothie Bowl" Photo credit: The holistic chef

flo Wolffia: Health benefits

Research has shown that consuming Wolffia regularly can lower blood sugar (1), cholesterol (2), liver fat (3), visceral fat (4), reduce cardiometabolic risks (2), slow down age-related neurodegenerative diseases/dementia (5), help balance gut microbiome (6,7), and increase satiety which can help those on weight control diets (1).

Wolffia is full of polyphenols and antioxidants which can reduce inflammation, aid athletes’ recovery, slow down cellular aging process, and boost the immune system.

Now that you have learned about this super tiny superfood and its vast benefits, would you like to give it a try? Contact us at for questions/more info, or order at: & Line: @flowolffia

*Copying any content except as provided above is expressly prohibited without prior written permission of flo Wolffia the copyright holder


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